How hot can the Emeril Pizza Grill get?
The inside of the Emeril Pizza Grill can reach 700° F.

Does this work with all kinds of pizza dough?
Yes. You can use fresh homemade pizza dough, premade refrigerator dough, whole wheat for a healthier choice, gluten-free cauliflower pizza, and more

Can I cook foods other than pizza in this?
Yes. Cook stone-baked salmon, steakhouse-quality sizzling steaks, delicious wings, and juicy grilled chicken. How about stone-roasted veggies? Even breads: flatbread, focaccia bread, cheesy quesadillas, stuffed calzones, and if you like sweets, make all kinds of treats: dessert pizza, turnovers, cinnamon buns, crisp cobblers.

Can I use this on an electric stove top?
No. Do not use the Emeril Pizza Grill on an electric stove top.

Can I use this in an electric oven?
Yes, but the Emeril Pizza Grill will not work as well as when used on a gas grill or gas stove top. Using the Emeril Pizza Grill in an electric oven will help focus the heat into the Emeril Pizza Grill. The cook time will be longer and may not be as successful as using a gas stove top or grill.

Can the Emeril Pizza Grill be used on a gas stovetop?
The Pizza Grill can be used on a gas stovetop but care must be taken to ensure that there is adequate space between the grill and the countertop. The grill will become hot and the heat can damage countertops. It is best to use the grill on an outdoor grill.